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Listed below is airline data on cheap Cathay Pacific flights from Philippines. For cheap flights and Cathay Pacific airline tickets try your search below.


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Cathay Pacific - Flight Routes


RouteStopoverFlight Time (Approx)* Carriers
Manila to Hong KongDirect 1 hours 37 mins  Cathay Pacific - 773 744 330
Cebu to Hong KongDirect 2 hours 18 mins  Cathay Pacific - 773 330 777 744
Manila to Taipei Hong Kong 1952 kmsCathay Pacific
Manila to Shanghai Hong Kong 2402 kmsCathay Pacific
Cebu to Taipei Hong Kong 2518 kmsCathay Pacific
Manila to Ho Chi Minh City Hong Kong 2639 kmsCathay Pacific
Manila to Bangkok Hong Kong 2835 kmsCathay Pacific
Manila to Cebu Hong Kong 2857 kmsCathay Pacific
Cebu to Manila Hong Kong 2857 kmsCathay Pacific
Cebu to Shanghai Hong Kong 2967 kmsCathay Pacific
Manila to Beijing Hong Kong 3138 kmsCathay Pacific
Cebu to Ho Chi Minh City Hong Kong 3204 kmsCathay Pacific
Manila to Seoul Hong Kong 3216 kmsCathay Pacific
Cebu to Bangkok Hong Kong 3401 kmsCathay Pacific
Manila to Penang Hong Kong 3539 kmsCathay Pacific
Manila to Osaka Hong Kong 3622 kmsCathay Pacific
Manila to Kuala Lumpur Hong Kong 3689 kmsCathay Pacific
Cebu to Beijing Hong Kong 3703 kmsCathay Pacific
Manila to Singapore Hong Kong 3711 kmsCathay Pacific
Manila to Nagoya Hong Kong 3771 kmsCathay Pacific
Cebu to Seoul Hong Kong 3781 kmsCathay Pacific
Manila to Tokyo Hong Kong 4048 kmsCathay Pacific
Cebu to Penang Hong Kong 4105 kmsCathay Pacific
Manila to Tokyo Hong Kong 4108 kmsCathay Pacific
Cebu to Osaka Hong Kong 4188 kmsCathay Pacific
Cebu to Kuala Lumpur Hong Kong 4255 kmsCathay Pacific
Cebu to Singapore Hong Kong 4277 kmsCathay Pacific
Gasan to Hong Kong Manila 1300 kmsZest Air, Cathay Pacific
Naga to Hong Kong Manila 1409 kmsCebu Pacific, Cathay Pacific
Romblon to Hong Kong Manila 1416 kmsZest Air, Cathay Pacific
Cauayan to Hong Kong Manila 1426 kmsCebu Pacific, Cathay Pacific
Busuanga to Hong Kong Manila 1429 kmsAir Philippines, Cathay Pacific
Caticlan to Hong Kong Manila 1451 kmsAir Philippines, Cathay Pacific
Legazpi to Hong Kong Manila 1476 kmsZest Air, Cathay Pacific
Kalibo to Hong Kong Manila 1493 kmsCebu Pacific, Cathay Pacific




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Cheap Airlines


Philippine Airlines
6484 flight routes*
Cebu Pacific
6153 flight routes*
Air Philippines
3374 flight routes*
Zest Air
2358 flight routes*
Korean Air
1889 flight routes*
Asiana Airlines
1650 flight routes*
Air China
1603 flight routes*
China Eastern Airlines
1469 flight routes*
China Southern Airlines
1421 flight routes*
Singapore Airlines
1415 flight routes*
Continental Airlines
1220 flight routes*
All Nippon Airways
1056 flight routes*
Japan Airlines
861 flight routes*
Thai Airways
779 flight routes*
Delta Air Lines
706 flight routes*
China Airlines
687 flight routes*
Malaysia Airlines
678 flight routes*
660 flight routes*
660 flight routes*
Garuda Indonesia
651 flight routes*
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
620 flight routes*
United Airlines
559 flight routes*
Qatar Airways
543 flight routes*
Tiger Airways
533 flight routes*
Saudi Arabian Airlines
523 flight routes*
South East Asian Airlines
482 flight routes*
Emirates Airline
473 flight routes*
466 flight routes*
Hainan Airlines
453 flight routes*
451 flight routes*
Shenzhen Airlines
445 flight routes*
Xiamen Airlines
435 flight routes*
Vietnam Airlines
423 flight routes*
Jetstar Asia Airways
417 flight routes*
388 flight routes*
Etihad Airways
363 flight routes*
Shanghai Airlines
329 flight routes*
US Airways
328 flight routes*
Air Macau
309 flight routes*
Air India
295 flight routes*
Jetstar Airways
294 flight routes*
Jeju Air
289 flight routes*
Hankook Air
260 flight routes*
Thai AirAsia
235 flight routes*
Turkish Airlines
235 flight routes*
225 flight routes*
Hong Kong Express Airways
217 flight routes*
Gulf Air Bahrain
212 flight routes*
189 flight routes*
Bangkok Airways
186 flight routes*
American Airlines
180 flight routes*
Royal Brunei Airlines
178 flight routes*
British Airways
171 flight routes*
Hawaiian Airlines
171 flight routes*
Air Niugini
165 flight routes*
Sichuan Airlines
165 flight routes*
Jet Airways
162 flight routes*
Jin Air
149 flight routes*
Air Canada
148 flight routes*
SriLankan Airlines
146 flight routes*
Kuwait Airways
144 flight routes*
Shandong Airlines
143 flight routes*
Air New Zealand
135 flight routes*
Lion Mentari Airlines
135 flight routes*
Air Busan
133 flight routes*
Juneyao Airlines
127 flight routes*
China SSS
122 flight routes*
Indonesia AirAsia
122 flight routes*
Air France
116 flight routes*
Pakistan International Airlines
115 flight routes*
TransAsia Airways
114 flight routes*
Virgin Australia
112 flight routes*
Vladivostok Air
111 flight routes*
Mandarin Airlines
108 flight routes*
Nok Air
102 flight routes*

* indirect routes with stopovers outside Philippines








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